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Introduction: Endometriosis implant has been known to express aromatase
enzyme, Cytochrome p450 that catalyzes androgen into estrogen. It causes local
estrogen production, leading to increased estrogen level, and subsequently triggers
endometriosis lesion. CYP19 gene resided at chromosome 15q21.1 is the biggest
component of aromatase coding cytochrome p450 enzyme. Objective: To identify
relationship between aromatase gene polymorphism CYP19 Val 80 and the risk of
endometriosis. Methods: This is an observational case-control study using frozen
DNA sample from women with endometriosis and/ or adenomyosis who had
undergone laparotomy/ laparoscopy at Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Dr.
Mohammad Hoesin General Hospital Palembang January-November 2013. Samples
were amplified and cut by PCR-FRLP using Rsa1 restriction enzyme. Results were
divided into A/A genotype (homozygote mutant), G/A (heterozygote mutant), and
G/G (homozygote wild type). Data were analyzed by SPSS 21.0 version. Results:
PCR-RFLP results for A/A genotype were 20 (21.3%) in endometriosis group and 8
(8.5%) in control group. G/A genotype were 18 (19.1%) in endometriosis group and
22 (23.4%) in control group. G/G genotype were 9 (9.6%) and 17 (18.1%) in
endometriosis group and control group, respectively. There was significant increase
risk of endometriosis in women carrying genotype A/A to those with genotype G/G
with OR 4.722 (p<0.05). Conclusion: Polymorphism on aromatase gene CYP19 Val
80 A/A increases risk of endometriosis.


Polymorphism Aromatase Gene CYP19 Val80 Endometriosis

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Alkaf, S., Ziske Maritska, & Venny Patricia. (2021). The Association between Aromatase Gene Polymorphism Cyp19 Val 80 and Endometriosis Risk. Bioscientia Medicina : Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research, 5(2), 373-378.