Sensitivity and Spesificity of Interleukin 18 as Biomarker for Acute Kidney Injury

  • Febri Jaya Gunawan RSUP Dr Mohammad Hoesin
  • F Heru Irwanto
  • Andi Miarta
  • Theodorus Theodorus


Background : Incidence of AKI in intensive care unit patients reach 60-70%, and the mortality rate is about 60%.  IL-18 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine which increased in endogenous inflammation process. Studies in human showed that IL-18 concentration increased prior to AKI.

Objective : The aims of this research is to determine the sensitivity and specificity of Interleukin-18 urine examination as an early biomarker for acute kidney injury.

Methods : There’re total of 66 subjects who met the inclusion criteria. All the subject were checked for the IL-18 urine level with Cloud Clone kit and creatinine serum were also checked 48 hours after admission.

Results :The results showed in the cut-off point of 411.25 Pg/mL , urine IL-18 has a sensitivity of 54.3 % and specificity 83.9%, positive predictive value 79.17%, negative predictive value 61.9% and accuracy of 68.18%

Conclusions : Our result suggest that IL-18 urine holds a promise as an early biomarker of AKI and more sensitive and specific as an early biomarker for AKI compared to creatinine serum.

Key words : Acute Kidney Injury, Interleukin-18, sensitivity, spesificity

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