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Introduction. This study aims to determine the role of self-stigma towards
psychological well-being to the people who have had leprosy in South Sumatera. The
study hypothesis that there is a role for self-stigma towards psychological well-being
viewed from psychological distress in people who have had leprosy in South
Sumatera. Methods. The participants of this study were people who have had
leprosy who finished their medical treatment. The research sample was 112 people
who have had leprosy. This study used the consecutive sampling technique.
Psychological well-being and self-stigma were measured by the scale. The research
used simple regression analysis. Results. The result obtained by the value of R=
0.442, R square= 0.178, F= 11.821, and P= 0,000 (p<0,05). It was proved that self-
stigma has a significant role in 17.8% towards psychological well-being. Conclusion.
There is no difference in psychological distress based on the role of self-stigma and
psychological well-being of people who have had leprosy in South Sumatera.


Self-stigma Well-being Psychological Distress Leprosy

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Mardhiyah, S. A., & Muthmainah, M. (2020). The Role of Self Stigma towards Psychological Well-Being in Leprosy Patient. Bioscientia Medicina : Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research, 5(1), 117-122.

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