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Introduction. Indonesia ranks third in tuberculosis cases, with 23,000 new dual
drug-resistant tuberculosis patients. The delay in predicting tuberculosis resistance
occurs because sputum tools are not yet available. This study aimed to determine
the differences in chest x-rays for drug-sensitive multiple drug-resistant
tuberculosis in Palembang. Method. A case-control design to compare the
radiological characteristics of multiple drug resistance with drug-sensitive at
Palembang during January-July 2020. One hundred thirty-eight patients consisted
of cases of drug-sensitive tuberculosis and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis based
on the rapid molecular test that met the inclusion criteria, analyzed for
posteroanterior chest X-rays by a radiologist without knowing the diagnosis—
comparative chi-square using SPSS 22. Result. Multidrug resistance tuberculosis
had more extensive or moderate lesions than drug-sensitive tuberculosis 89.8% vs
72.4%. The multidrug-resistant group has more infiltrate detected, namely 84.1% vs
69.6% and cavity 37.6% vs 30.4%. Atelectasis and pleural effusion are common in
drug-resistant tuberculosis. Bivariate analysis showed that multidrug-resistant
tuberculosis lesion infiltrates compared to drug-sensitive tuberculosis with p =
0.025; OR 2,6 (CI 95% 1,1-6,0) sensitivity 85.5%, specificity 30.4%. Multivariate
analysis showed the presence of infiltrates p = 0.028; OR 2.58 (CI 95% 1.1-6.003).
Consolidation, nodules, cavities, fibrosis, atelectasis, pleural effusion were not
significant differences in the two groups. Conclusion. Multidrug-resistant
tuberculosis has a more expansive lesion, the presence of infiltrates and cavities that
is more dominant than drug-sensitive tuberculosis.


Drug-resistant tuberculosis Case-control Mycobacterium Sensitivity

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Rifani, S. A. M., Zen Ahmad, M. Yusri, & Erial Bahar. (2020). Comparison of Chest X-Ray Assessment in Multi-Drug Resistance to Drug- Sensitive Tuberculosis Patients. Bioscientia Medicina : Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research, 5(1), 135-143.

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