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Background: Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2) infection can caused genital herpes with a high recurrence rate. Recurrent genital herpes affects patients' quality of life and needs rapid treatment.

Case presentation: This study reported a 34 years old male with recurrent genital herpes. The patient developed painful vesicles in the genital area, which turned into an ulcer. History of genital herpes and gonorrhoea urethritis were reported and had been treated. The patient had a history of having unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners and reported having psychological stress within 1 month. DLQI score was 12, and DASS score was 5-85, which confirmed that the patient had anxiety. Vesicles and erosion were found in the genital area. Tzanck test showed multinucleated giant cells with borderline anti-HSV-2 IgG serologies in 2 occasional evaluations. Acyclovir 3x400 mg for 5 days was used as therapy, and no lesion was found at follow-up.

Conclusion: Recurrent genital herpes can develop due to various risk factors, including psychological stress. Pharmacological and psychosocial intervention may have a beneficial outcome for patients.


Recurrent genital herpes Therapy Dermatology

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Anum Q, Gustia R, & J, W. (2022). Recurrent Genital Herpes: A Case Report. Bioscientia Medicina : Journal of Biomedicine and Translational Research, 6(10), 2279-2284.